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Do you ever wonder how long it took you to write that complaint to foreclose, that separation agreement, or that civil action summons? Most people only know that it feels like it took them 12 days to make it. And that’s about it.

Eliminate the guess work with Microsoft Word 2010 by simply clicking “File” off the main menu. If you’re using an older version of Word, right click on the document and select “Properties” > “Details.”  Here you have a breadbasket of information at your fingertips.

It’s pretty cool. I created this document over an 11 day span, it is 13 pages long, almost 7500 words in length, and I spent about 26 hours creating it. If this were a legal document, which I’ll note it’s not, this would be one heck of an expensive document.

Why does it matter? Well, open up your documents and see how long they have taken you to produce and then compare this to what you’re charging for the document. Are you in the green or the red?

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  • Derrick Jackson

    I am not sure this is 100% accurate as to time. I think it measures the time a document is open, so if you minimize a document and go to lunch, does it include that time as well?

    • Reply

      That’s absolutley right and noteworthy. MS Word, to my knowledge, calculates its time on the document being open so you would want to be conscientious of things such as keeping the document open while at lunch.

      – Michael O’Neill, Accellis Technology Group

  • Thomas Bowden

    What happens if you work on a document, and then combine it with another document you also worked on? Are the times added together?

    • John

      I’m not certain but I believe that if you merge a document into the one you’re working on, it does not combine the time because you’re still working only on the original document.

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