iStock_000021652636XLargeLike the new Amicus Cloud small-firm web-based Practice Management offering, Amicus Premium Edition 2013 will significantly mobilize your law office. In addition to getting complete Practice Management,  you also get access to two new mobility services: Amicus Anywhere and Amicus Timetracker.


Just like Timetracker for Amicus Small Firm Edition, Timetracker is now available for Premium 2013. This allows users to effectively enter time on the road. The one caveat is that non-timekeepers in Amicus will not have access to this mobile service. Watch a demo of Amicus Time Tracker here.

Amicus Anywhere 

This is the true development. Just like Amicus Cloud, you get rich access to your calendars, cases, contacts, and more – from anywhere across most modern devices (phones, tablets, PC’s, laptops, etc.). It’s delivered through the web browser. While it’s not 100% of your Premium Edition features it’s a large majority and, moreover, it delivers the ones you really need when you’re on the road. One of the major advantages of Amicus Anywhere versus the Amicus Cloud offering is performance – the demo we sat in on with the President of Amicus was very impressive. Everything you clicked came up almost instantaneously; changes made to the database when using the cloud are reflected in the database in almost real-time as well.


One of the advantages of Amicus Cloud is that you don’t need a server. For small firms, this is perfect since most other services can also be outsourced effectively meaning you really can ditch the server. For larger firms, however, it’s much harder to ditch your servers. Since you need servers, the hosting of Amicus services isn’t ideal since you can host them yourselves cheaper. Accordingly, Premium 2013 allows you a perfect middle ground – a hybrid-cloud solution – one that allows you to host Amicus services (as you do today) to achieve the desired economization while also giving you the ability to deliver all of the major tenants of that service to mobile workers across most modern platforms and devices (via Azure). Moreover, since the database is local, on your server, you might even eliminate the traditional cloud concerns about 3rd-parties, subpoenas, security, retention and so on.


What’s the cost of Amicus Anywhere? Free – well, sort of. If you are on the Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP) you will get Timetracker and Amicus Anywhere completely free. The AMP, however, is a bit of a touchy point – for years if you wanted AMP you needed to commit to a three-year annual purchase of the plan. This changes in March where AMP’s will be able to be purchased in one year increments, albeit at a slightly higher price. This, too, was a great move. Who wants to commit to three years of AMP just to try out their Amicus Anywhere mobility solution? Gavel & Gown is offering these discounts on new licenses and upgrades in conjunction with the release of Amicus Premium Edition 2013.

Next Steps

We recommend that you wait a month or two and allow the dust to settle as Amicus works through any initial-launch issues, not that we expect issues, but that these things are inherent in new releases, especially when you’re dealing with a massive development effort like the one that went into making this hybrid-cloud solution. We have an Amicus Consultant conference in Toronto this March so we plan to use that time wisely, learning the product and best practices and getting some much-needed experience under our belts! Look for a follow-up post then, or feel free to contact us with any questions.

Watch an On-Demand Demonstration of Amicus Attorney Now
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