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3 Things IT “Janitors” Sweep Under the Rug

We all know what happens when we sweep a problem under the rug. Over time, the problem will only grow bigger and bigger. By then, you’re dealing with a massive problem, instead of the small issue that it was in the beginning.

One of the worst things a Managed Services Provider (MSP) can do is to sweep issues under the rug. Not only does this create huge problems later on but it also results in strategic decisions that do not take into account the real needs of the firm. This means not only do you pay for the future repair when it surfaces, but you also pay along the way.

As an MSP, Accellis has compiled the top three productivity killers we see at most firms before they move to proactive management. While we could enumerate dozens, these three are a recurrent theme and impact most businesses regardless of size. They are also critical to get in front of because they result in serious insecurity.

  1. Your wifi doesn’t work and hasn’t worked for years.
  2. Backups and disaster recovery are inadequate.
  3. Users and computers are not managed properly in active directory.

Your Wifi Doesn’t Work and Hasn’t For Years

Most firms we talk to have some issue with their wifi. It’s either insecure or secure but setup improperly. If working, it has spotty coverage. For most firms, it’s not working at all. This is the reality many businesses face. Basic services like wifi and remote access do not work. Rather than wait on the MSP for another year, it may be time to start looking for a new MSP.

Backups and Disaster Recovery are Inadequate

Unfortunately, this problem is more rampant than you realize. Firms desperately try to recover data after an outage but then realize the last good backup was taken months, or even years ago.

This is a major problem for any law firm. Lack of access to files means downtime with clients and cases. Making sure your firm’s backups are being taken daily, weekly, and monthly is something any reputable vendor does. What few do, however, is to regularly test these backups to ensure that, when needed, they won’t disappoint. This simple task can save firms tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in data loss, equipment damage, and repair services after a security event.

Users and Computers are not Managed Properly in Active Directory

As a firm grows, so does your IT infrastructure. This leads to countless changes in Active Directory records. These changes can then lead to the unnecessary accounts in the Active Directory. Active Directory is full of groups and each group gives access to confidential information, files, and folders, or resources of some kind. Keeping an accurate, up to date record of Active Directory accounts helps prevent security compliance issues.

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