Favorite Features Amicus Attorney

Recently Gavel & Gown has released a new update to their Amicus Attorney Premium Edition with their 2016 version. Below are a few of my favorite features along with ‘what’s new in 2016’.

Filter Through Your Communication Records

In the communications module or Com Center of Amicus Attorney, firms traditionally look at their latest phone calls, messages or emails. In the 2016 upgrade, improvements have been made for both adding records and sorting through your communication records. Filtering by file, client or date ranges are a big time saver when looking at your growing inbox. Quickly narrow down the calls or messages you’re looking for with the instant search. Now you can use the communications section to view the records you need easily.

Streamlined Billing

Amicus Attorney Premium Edition can be licensed with the Premium Billing component to create an all-in-one solution where invoices can be printed from the same program where the firm’s time was entered. If you are using the Premium Billing add-on there have been several new developments including trust check printing, CHUBB e-bill formats and bill formatting preferences. Reduce the back office time spent producing bills with the new improvements to mass billing.

Improved Document Management & Collaboration

For firms using the server based document management or folder structure, Amicus has released numerous tools for saving documents. Many of these tools are standard in a DMS or document management software and are now bundled up into our practice management system. When using the Amicus managed mode, document previews will allow for fast tracking when previewing document records. Version control is another feature many practice management systems did not display before making saving documents a breeze. Internal communication will improve when saving or collaborating on documents by tracking who changed a document and when the changes occurred. Lastly when sending document attachments you can now select right from the Amicus file’s document list. If your firm is utilizing the Amicus managed mode-this upgrade is a must.

Easier Upgrades

One of my personal favorite features is the new simpler installation method because as a consultant, we perform countless upgrades of Amicus Attorney. Traditionally during the server installation, there were several benchmarks including server restarts which often can displace a law office if their email, documents or other applications are running on that server. This new installation method is no longer a disruption to the office and the ‘remember password’ option makes workstation updates simple.

More Powerful Mobile Features

Amicus Anywhere has been available for firms on the Amicus Advantage or AMP subscription model for the last few versions of Amicus Attorney. This year, the mobile office in Amicus Anywhere includes many of the traditional desktop features. This includes viewing custom fields, document previews, note lists, task codes on time entries and much more. Also check out the client portal for new updates including intake processes for asking clients to enter details.

A few questions to ask before upgrading:

  • What version are you moving from? If your firm is currently on Premium 2015 these features will all be new to you or if your firm is a few versions behind I recommend this upgrade resource that will describe any ‘new to you’ features. Learn more here.

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