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In a few Weeks NetDocuments will release ndSync. ndSync is a great way to further improve your use of NetDocuments. With ndSync you will be able to synchronize workspaces, folders or documents locally to your computer.

This means copies of your cabinets and documents can live on your PC or server, in addition to living in the NetDocuments cloud. This will allow you to save locally and have those changes automatically streamed up to the cloud. Additionally, synced documents can be accessed while offline, edited, saved and then resynced later when you have internet.

How to use it

When working from the documents locally there is a right click menu that is only accessible from within the synced items. This right click menu has options that allow you to get document links, access the folder online, check out and more. Documents created locally and manually added to the ndSync folder will be tagged with the appropriate metadata and synced to the cloud automatically. ndSync also creates a system tray icon that allows you to choose which workspaces to sync, access the local ndSync location in a click, and view recent documents.

Security and control

There are administrative features to see who is syncing, allow or block syncing, and revoke someone’s access to synced documents. This will help firms keep control of their IP. Typically, security and convenience are at odds; with the right approach, however, you can have your cake, and eat some of it too.

With other benefits like document check in/out, ShareSpaces (client portals), secure document delivery, and of course ndOffice, NetDocuments makes document management easy to use.

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