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NetDocuments is a powerful Document Management System (DMS) that makes it easy for you to manage, collaborate and locate documents while maintaining a clean and simple interface. Because it is based in the cloud, you have the ability to access your documents from anywhere, safely and securely.

Recently NetDocuments released ndOffice, a free add-on that improves the integration with Microsoft Office. NetDocuments already has a powerful Outlook integration that offers numerous ways to copy or move emails to the cloud. But ndOffice improves the integration between other applications as well.

NetDocuments ndOffice integrates Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook – embedding the entire experience of opening, editing, saving, searching, versioning, profiling, and filing documents and emails without ever leaving the Office application.

Typically, cloud products do not integrate well with other applications; however, this is not the case for ndOffice. The integration is smooth. Before ndOffice, you would save a document and be re-directed to a browser to profile and save that document. Now, when you save a document, the ndOffice window appears. This window functions and appears similar to that of the typical Microsoft save window; however, it is populated with NetDocuments icons.

Once you select the “folder,” the document is automatically wrapped in the appropriate metadata and sent to the cloud. When you’re ready to close out of the document in Word, the document will automatically be “checked in.” Traditionally, checking in and out was a small inconvenience, since it had to be done manually. With ndOffice, this process is automated. The smooth integration of ndOffice coupled with the auto check-in / check-out features greatly improves the user experience.

Currently, the ndOffice integration relies heavily on IE and Active X to attain all of the benefits and functionality. Now if only NetDocuments could get this integration or something similar to work across all browsers. . . but I bet they already have that in the works.

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