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Not too long ago, a law firm client of ours was working on a high-profile case involving an employee stealing a large sum of money from his employer through mail fraud, wire fraud, and identity theft. The defendant’s personal laptop was confiscated by authorities and the firm needed to determine if any of the files contained information that was relevant to the case.

Accellis was brought in to see if we could somehow scan the over 110GB of documents to see which files, if any, contained certain key terms related to the case. In order to do this (without opening and viewing each file manually) Accellis needed to find a way to make every document text-searchable – quickly and cost effectively.

Making ALL Documents Text-Searchable

Accellis installed Symphony Suite, a program that automatically scans and OCRs every single document within a documents store. OCR is a process that converts documents, PDFs and images into editable and searchable data, allowing users to search for specific word or phrase within a document or your entire document store.

The entire scanning process could easily have taken days, if not weeks, and thousands of dollars, had this technology not been available. But with Symphony, all of the documents were OCRed within 4 hours. Contributing to the speed of the scan was a powerful virtual machine.

OCR technology can also be leveraged within your firm to improve the speed and quality of your search results.

How to ensure EVERY document gets OCRed

Firms with large document stores often have files that have not been through optical character recognition (OCR) software. Some firms purchase a Document Management System (DMS) with the belief that all of their documents will immediately become text-searchable, but this is not the case. The purpose of a DMS is to help firms organize, manage and collaborate their files. The reason a DMS helps you locate file more easily is because it takes the guesswork out of figuring out where they are saved.

Symphony is a powerful add-on that will drastically improve the speed and quality of your search results within your DMS. It integrates directly with your Document Management Software (e.g. Worldox, NetDocuments and MetaJure) to automatically OCR all of your firm documents. It works quietly in the background, converting all of your files into text-searchable documents, regardless of its age or source.

Sure, you can open each file.pdf viewer and OCR them one-by-one, but if you have stacks of files, this isn’t a realistic option. Even if your scanner OCRs documents as they’re fed into the scanner, this often increases scanning time. Additionally, not all documents are saved in your DMS via scanners. Firms with large document stores have a better option.

As Symphony crawls your file tree, it can provide additional information about the documents. It will even alert you if it finds any corrupted files, files that were skipped, and encrypted files – providing you with a direct link to review.

Symphony File Review

Symphony OCR is fairly simple to install too, requires minimal maintenance and oversight, and requires little resources to run.

For firms using Worldox, NetDocuments or MetaJure, Symphony is a great add-on for reducing scanning time, overhead costs, and improving the quality of search results. Even if you don’t have a DMS, Symphony works within the Windows Folder Tree structure.

Pricing is based on varied based on the DMS you are using, but is based on the number of users in your firm. For more information, contact us or visit

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