CaseAware® case management software gives you a solid foundation for your entire default case management business, right out of the box. You eliminate the need to customize platforms not created for default servicing. And as you grow, you can manage increasing case loads with the same staff, and without additional programming or transaction fees.

The CaseAware® Suite consists of CaseAware® Manage and CaseAware® Integrate. CaseAware® Manage is a complete Case Management System that includes a dynamic workflow engine, built-in Fee and Cost forecasting, and integrated Document Generation, Storage & Retrieval.

  • Do more work faster, with fewer resources and run your law practice more efficiently.
  • Eliminate transaction fees for data transfer to and from major industry platforms.
  • Reduce time worrying about technology and more time processing cases.
  • Automate your workflow with easy-to-set-up triggers and improve staff morale by eliminating tedious data entry tasks.
  • Expand into both judicial and non-judicial states.

The Accellis consulting team has the knowledge and insight you need to ensure the best possible installation, integration, data conversion or on-going support for your firm.