MetaJure is a smart Document Management System that takes all the work out of document management by automatically capturing all of the documents and email in your systems and enabling faster, more complete and efficient search than any current generation DMS system offers. Developed by lawyers who were frustrated with the state of document and email management in their law firms and legal departments, MetaJure automatically collects, OCRs and indexes documents, folders and emails within a law firm or legal department – including selective information on personal computers, network drives and other dedicated storage sites – without disrupting the data. It makes information within a firm easily accessible through an intuitive, Google-like interface, and enables sharing permissions that users can easily customize.
MetaJure created ILLUMINATE for firms that already have a traditional document management system in place. ILLUMINATE works alongside systems like Microsoft Sharepoint®, Worldox®, iManage® and NetDocuments®, enabling firms to capture, access and search hidden data in legacy files, repositories and other unique locations and turn their DMS into the knowledge management system they need.

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The Accellis consulting team has the knowledge and insight you need to ensure the best possible installation, upgrade or simply on-going support for your firm.

  • Boost productivity with immediate access to 100% of your documents and email
  • Stop wasting time and money manually organizing documents
  • Find documents you want, when you want them
  • Streamline and automate scanning, filing and OCRing documents
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