NetDocuments is a cloud-based document management solution for storing and organizing all your documents in one secure location. Create, open, edit and save documents directly from your desktop applications as you do today. NetDocuments takes your firm into the 21st century with cloud computing to securely manage, collaborate on, and protect your document work without the hassles of on-premise DMS.

Our Capabilities

As a NetDocuments Certified Consultant, Accellis provides expert installation, customization, training and integration support for the Worldox suite of products. Let us help your firm become more organized, productive, and less dependent on paper. We can manage nearly every aspect of your NetDocuments installation including:

  • Establish firm-wide document profile groups customized to your specific business or area of practice
  • Migrate legacy files into NetDocuments
  • Build a security structure that keeps files and information locked down and only visible to those with proper access
  • Integrate NetDocuments with your practice management, accounting or client portal
  • Provide full training to keep firm members up-to-date with system capabilities

Contact us today to find out how we can ensure the best possible NetDocuments installation for your firm.

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