Symphony Suite for WEB (00093536)

For many firms, paper documents are difficult and time consuming to scan, file and access. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Symphony Suite runs in the background to automatically OCRs every file within your Worldox repository. This means every PDF is text-searchable, including those that are scanned, emailed, downloaded from the Internet, and even the PDFs you already have on file.

Our Capabilities

The Accellis consulting team has the knowledge and insight you need to ensure the best possible installation, upgrade or simply on-going support for your firm. Symphony services from Accellis include:

  • Integration with Worldox, NetDocuments, Time Matters, PracticeMaster, and Windows
  • Providing advice and consultancy on the optimum configuration and implementation
  • Provide Symphony administration and technical training
  • Complete setup and configuration
  • Complete end-user training and on-site support

Contact us today to find out how we can ensure the best possible installation of Symphony Suite for your firm.

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