Time Matters® Practice Management Software is the legal profession’s most widely used front office management software.  This highly customizable system from LexisNexis helps you effectively manage and organize all of your information and documents by client and matter using centralized scheduling, legal document management, global search capability, conflict checking and more.

Our Capabilities

The Accellis consulting team has worked with Time Matters for more than a decade and has the knowledge and insight you need to ensure the best possible installation, upgrade or simply on-going support for your firm.  Time Matters services from Accellis include:

  • Discovery efforts including projects that define and document key processes and procedures at your firm including workflow requirements and potential ‘bottlenecks’ that could be lowering efficiency and productivity
  • Delivery of a client specific ‘Getting Ready Guide’ that clearly defines project deliverables, roles, responsibilities and timelines
  • Complete customization of the Time Matters system to meet the information, productivity and integration needs of the firm
  • Conversion of historical case, contact, calendar and other information into Time Matters
  • Integration with other 3rd party billing, document management or accounting systems
  • Complete database setup and configuration
  • Complete end-user training and on-site support
  • On-going support and maintenance including upgrades, patches, user training and much more

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