Worldox is powerful, yet remarkably easy-to-use. In addition to the standard DMS features (classify, store files), Worldox empowers your firm’s staff members with unique tools for collaboration and document sharing. You also get state-of-the-art security for vital firm data, including client or project-based “ethical walls”. Worldox integrates seamlessly with a wide range of software – with major office suites, e-mail, case management, billing and productivity applications – even most popular scanning solutions.

As a Worldox Certified Consultant for over six years, Accellis provides expert installation, customization, training, and integration support for the Worldox suite of products. Let us help your firm become more organized, productive, and less dependent on paper.

  • Establish firm-wide document profile groups customized to your specific business or area of practice
  • Migrate legacy files into Worldox installation
  • Build a security structure that keeps files and information locked down and only visible to those with proper access
  • Integrate Worldox with your practice management, accounting or client portal
  • Provide full training to keep firm members up-to-date with system capabilities
Worldox Pricing
  • Worldox GX3 Professional
    $425 Per User
  • Worldox Annual Maintenance Plan
    $91 Per User
  • Worldox Upgrade from GX2
    $225 Per User
  • Concurrent software licenses are based on the number of simultaneous users accessing the program. They typically assume that Worldox software is running on a server, and users are connecting via a network. For example, in a ten-user concurrent license, after ten users are logged on to the program, the eleventh user is prohibited. When any of the first ten users log off, the next person can log on. Concurrent licensing in Worldox is managed by the application itself.
  • An Annual Maintenance Agreement is mandatory for all new orders of Worldox and Worldox/Web Mobile. The current cost of a Maintenance Agreement is $91/yr per Worldox license. The web cost of a Maintenance Agreement is as shown in this list for Worldox/Web Mobile.
  • If a customer is off maintenance for more than 4 months, the customer must pay the Upgrade Price for Worldox and Worldox/Web Mobile.

Worldox Document Management integrates with top software providers to offer customers a wide range of options and maximum flexibility. For additional product support and integration information, please contact Accellis.

Client Operating Systems:
Microsoft Windows 8 (Legacy Mode and GX3 required)
Microsoft Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit versions)
Microsoft Windows Vista (32 and 64 bit versions)
(Home version O/S’s not supported)

Server Operating Systems:
Microsoft Server 2003 and higher
Office Suites
Microsoft Office XP through 2013 and 365 (32 bit versions)
MS Office 2013 support requires GX3,
Office 365, requires GX3, plan must include desktop version of Office, storage onsite
Corel Office 12,13,14,X5, X6 and X7 32 bit versions, Corel Office X6-X7 requires GX3
Adobe Acrobat
Acrobat Full version 8-XI ( GX3 required for X and XI)
Acrobat Reader 9-XI ( GX3 required for X and XI)

Practice Management / Time and Billing Systems:
Worldox can import from any program that can export information to a delimited text file. Most time and billing software programs can do this. To inquire about a specific product, contact Accellis.
Amicus Attorney
Practice Master
Time Matters

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