PC Law CertifiedPCLaw® is a legal-specific Time, Billing and Accounting system. It combines effective tools to help you increase productivity and profitability by helping you track time and money all in one place. PCLaw is a highly customizable back office solution integrating time-billing, trust accounting, check writing, financial statements and much more.

Our Capabilities

The Accellis consulting team has worked with LexisNexis for more than a decade and has the knowledge and insight you need to ensure the best possible installation, upgrade or simply on-going support for your firm. PCLaw services from Accellis and Lawtopia include:

  • Providing advice and consultancy on the optimum configuration and implementation of PCLaw software
  • Manage and convert data from existing systems to PCLaw in an accurate and timely manner
  • Provide PCLaw administration and technical training
  • Integrate PCLaw with other 3rd party management, billing or accounting systems
  • Complete database setup and configuration
  • Complete end-user training and on-site support
  • On-going support and maintenance including upgrades, patches, user training and much more

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