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Proper Server Room

Life moves pretty fast. We put things off and unfortunately fall behind on tasks. We don’t do it on purpose, but it inevitably happens.

Maintaining your firm’s server room is an easily forgotten target. You think it’s no big deal if things get a bit untidy or you put off maintenance.  However, servers are the heart of your firm, and maintaining your server room helps ensure that your firm continues to run smoothly.

What do you need to have a properly setup server closet? Here are five necessities that are the foundation of any good server closet.

Secure Room

The foundation of any good server closet is a dedicated and secure room. In this day and age of security concerns, a top priority for all firms should be a secured room that will house their infrastructure. An unlocked server room is an open invitation to any passerby to wreak havoc on the heart of your firm’s business. Only select people should have access to this room.


Overheated servers could be catastrophic to a firm. When housing servers in an environment that is too hot, you run the risk of servers shutting down and causing damage. Therefore it is crucial to have a dedicated air conditioning system for your server room that will keep the temperature 68 and 72 degrees. On the other end of the spectrum, it is also important to have a proper fire suppression system in place to protect the room in case of a fire.

Uninterruptible Power Supply

We often overlook uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units as a requirement. But, having these units not only protect your equipment from power outages for a period of time, but they also condition the power coming in. This ensures that there are not any surges or drops in voltage. With properly configured units you can automatically shut down equipment when the unit reaches a specified low battery condition. UPS units can also monitor the temperature in your server room. Alerting can be configured to send out email notifications when certain conditions are met like loss of power or high temperatures so you can fix problems before it is too late.

Server Racks

As much equipment, as possible should be in a proper server rack. When possible, you should always rack equipment using the rail kits available. Simply stacking equipment leads to problems when it comes to equipment maintenance. This makes it difficult to remove or work on an item because the desired piece is acting as a shelf to other equipment.

Cable Management

Cable management is a MUST. Making use of cable management equipment should be planned on from the start. In designing your cable management system, be sure you plan for growth. You don’t want just to be able to keep your initial cabling job nice and clean. There will always be more equipment added or moved which require more wires being connected or routed throughout your rack. The hardest thing to maintain in a server room is cable management, so if it is handled properly from the beginning, your job is made easier.

Easy Does It

Solving any current issues in your server room isn’t going to happen overnight. Evaluate the current state of your server room and then begin to build a plan. Then, set aside some designated time and begin executing your plan of attack. Once you get your room back to its former glory make sure to maintain its condition. It’ll make things more efficient and dependable, and I guarantee you’ll thank yourself later.

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