Email Threat Scanner

Hundreds, if not thousands, of emails, come into your firm on a daily basis. These inbound emails can be spear phishing attempts, and the intended recipient may not even be aware. This is why spear phishing is quickly becoming the most significant security threat today.

If you’ve ever wondered how many spear phishing attacks have entered your mailbox, you’re in luck. In partnership with Barracuda, we’re offering a Free Email Threat Scan that helps discover security and compliance threats that have passed through your firm’s security and currently sit in your Office 365 account.

This scan will show the following:

  • Advanced Persistent Threats

  • Spear Phishing Attacks

  • Social Media Phishing

  • Insider Threats

Get Your Free Email Threat Scan

The easy to use tool provides powerful reports that can help firms pinpoint exact problem areas. Users are given a firm-wide grade, quantity of spear phishing risks, quantity of advanced threats, domain fraud risks once a scan is completed.

Threat Scanner ReportIt knows automatically which employees are at greater risk for spear phishing and details which employees receive multiple threats and what the threats are.

Company Email Threats

Email Readout

Users can view specific attacks and become better informed.

Email Threat

The Next Step: Barracuda Sentinel

Firms have unsuspectingly wired money, sent tax information, and emailed credentials to criminals who were impersonating their boss, colleague, or a trusted customer. In fact, $5 billion in losses have already happened.

Ready to take the next step and protect your firm?

Barracuda Sentinel was built to help protect your firm after the initial Free Email Threat Scan. This solution combines three powerful layers – artificial intelligence, domain fraud protection, and fraud simulation training – into one comprehensive solution. Your firm can then begin protecting against targeted attacks.

To get started protecting your firm and receive a Free Email Threat Scan, fill out the form on the right. Five out of every six large companies were targeted with email-based spear phishing, according to Symantec. Don’t let your firm become one of them.

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