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I do a lot of reading on the web – major news sites, academic journals, social media sites, legal briefs, etc., to name a few. I also happen to be an information hoarder. If I bump into a good article that I think I might cite in future research, I need a quick and easy way to get to that article into PDF format so I can save it and move on.

The problem…

Back in the heyday, if I wanted to retain a journal article or news story, I had to manually copy and paste all the text into a MS Word document. This was very time intensive, especially when there was a lot of pictures, formatting issues, paragraphs, multiple pages, spacing, naming the file, etc., to deal with. This process took forever. And we all know that wasted time is wasted money.

The solution…

Instead of copying all that text out of your browser, launching Word, pasting it in there, formatting it, naming it, and then saving it, simply use Google Chrome (other browsers like Internet Explorer offer similar functionality but usually require a driver install; Chrome comes prepackaged with it and is ready to go), which allows you to take what you’re reading and instantly turn it into a PDF that you can save and own forever.

Here’s how:

1.  Right-click anywhere on the page and select “Print”

2.  Change the “Destination” from your normal printer to “Save as PDF”

Save as PDF

3.  Then, simply click “Save” and choose a destination (i.e., desktop)

Save as PDF 1


The ability to save directly to PDF with no hassles is an enormous time saver for me. For lawyers and staff the same holds true; found something an attorney or partner might find helpful with their case? A few clicks and you’re already back to doing things for yourself. Found something that you’d love to read now but don’t have time? Save to PDF and read it later.

Here’s a really cool one: once, a friend of mine asked me if a few things he saw on his ex-wife’s Facebook page should be discussed with his attorney. We felt it should and since I had a printer and he did not, I was tasked with the arduous mission of copying & pasting everything into a single file, and then printing that document. I first tried taking screenshots, but I quickly found out I’d be there for a century at the rate I was going; I then tried the good ‘ol copy & paste into Word – the formatting was a nightmare. I got it done, but it wasn’t pretty and I wasted a ton of time.

Today, simply Save as PDF and it takes the entire page, no matter how far down you want, and saves into a 20 or 50 or 100 page PDF – there are no limits to my knowledge. Hours turned into seconds. Want to save your (or anyone’s) whole Facebook or Twitter news feeds as a PDF? Simply Save as PDF. It’s really that easy.

To show how easy it is, here’s a PDF of the Accellis Technology Group Facebook page, with all activity between May, 2011 through today. It took me a few clicks to  load all the content but, once it did, it took me just seconds to cram it into a very respectable looking PDF (far better looking than what I could have accomplished via copy & paste).


Michael O’Neill is the Client Development Manager at Accellis Technology Group. He is highly experienced in Worldox®, Time Matters®, Amicus Attorney® and the N-able® IT network management platform. Michael has a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and will be pursuing his Master of Applied Politics.

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