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When you send a file by email and then get it back by email, there are just four clicks of the mouse needed to get you on your way; this easy trick saves loads of time compared the alternative of opening up the document and having to re-profile it.

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When you open a new email in Outlook and attach a full file (not a Worldox file list), the file is attached with its document ID number, such as the sample document attached in my email below:

Worldox attach document

Now, let’s say that the person you sent that document to, took the document on the road and made a bunch of changes to it on the their laptop or smartphone. They then send the document back to you by email. Instead of opening the document, clicking Save As, then profiling it, then spell-checking it, simply right-click the attachment (click #1) and select Save As (click #2):

Worldox Save As

This will automatically launch the following screen from Worldox:

Worldox Save as Version 2 from Email

Select “Save as Version 2” (click #3) and hit “OK” (click #4) and you’re done with it. Thirty seconds turned into three seconds – literally.

There are other advantages as well; if you open each document and save it as a new file, not only are you wasting time but the new document is assigned a separate document ID number and ultimately a new storage place. Why bother with the hassle? By saving as a new version you keep both copies, with the newest upfront and the oldest behind, which means all of your users will be using the most current copy of that document.

This tip is particularly useful for law firms that use multiple authors for a / any particular document. For instance, say you’re an attorney who’s created a rough draft of an operating agreement for your client’s new LLC; your client will be here any moment but your secretary is working from home today. You’d still like her to proofread it – immediately – so you simply send her a full copy of the document, she opens the document locally on her laptop, edits it locally with her Microsoft Word, and then sends the final version back to you. Right-click, Save as Version 2, print, and welcome your client like the final document has been waiting for them for weeks!

This is, in my opinion, preferred to using the Check-In / Check-Out feature (at least in this instance), which takes the document, detaches it from the database, and allows you to make changes directly to it. When it comes time to check it back in, you only have one file, and one document ID number. By using the methodology above (right-click save as), you keep both the original and the new documents, both under the same file number, in the same place, just as different versions (i.e., 000123-1 and 000123-2).


  1. If the person who edits the document changes the document name, thus eliminating the document ID number, this feature will not work, and
  2. This method also works for brand new documents entering Worldox for the first time; instead of prompting the Save, Saves As New Version, Save As New File, or Edit Profile screen, it will launch your Profile Groups and ask you to profile the document through normal protocols.

Watch an on-demand demonstration of Worldox here >>

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