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Why Samsung’s Face Unlock Isn’t as Safe as You Think

The Galaxy Note 8 is one of the most talked about new phone releases of the year. But the highly talked about phone comes with a major security flaw. The phone’s face unlock feature can be unlocked with a photo. That means anyone who has a photo of you can easily bypass your phone’s security and access personal information.

Here’s the Note 8 security flaw in action.

Samsung is, in fact, aware of the problem but has not made updates to strengthen its software to prevent future unwanted unlocking.

Certain apps (i.e. Samsung Pay) on a user’s phone still require authentication once unlocked but any basic information on a user’s phone can be compromised with the flaw.

Protect Your Samsung

If you or anyone else in your firm currently uses the Galaxy S8 or the Note 8, make sure to deactivate the face unlock feature. It’s better to not even risk the possibility of someone unlocking your phone by exploiting the current glitch.

The Future of Smartphones?

Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 will also have facial recognition software. However, unlike Samsung, the new iPhone will have 3D depth sensors accompanying the new software. These sensors will prevent hackers from gaining access to a device with just a photo.

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