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One of the killer new features in Amicus Attorney Premium 2015 is the ability to add internal roles on files. Firms used to feel limited when assigning firm members to a case with only one person being assigned the responsible lawyer and everyone else being considered a ‘firm member’. With this new feature, firms can assign attorneys and support staff custom roles on the file.

Similarly to how you can label an expert witness or Plaintiff to a file, now you can label your firm members title or position on a file. You’ll no longer be questioning who is assigned to which files and who is the secondary chair or primary paralegal assigned. This is also helpful with precedents and workflows because you can now assign a precedent dynamically based on the role assigned on the case – instead of a specific person.

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  • Cynthia

    Was interested to view this video, but the audio quality was so bad that I could not understand it. 🙁

  • Reply

    Hi Cynthia – we’re so sorry that you had difficulty understanding the video! We have tested this on a few other PC’s with no problem. We will reach out to you directly to see if we can get you a better version 🙂

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