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Symphony Suite is an OCR and scanning solution add-on for Worldox, or it was. Now, Symphony OCR (scanning to come in the future) is available for any firm with or without Worldox or any other document management solution.

What’s Symphony OCR?

Symphony OCR offers several benefits; one major benefit is it vastly improves scan speed by saving users the hassle of having to wait for each file to be OCRed by the scanner before they can scan their next file. Instead of OCRing upon the scan, OCRing happens silently in the background after the document has been put in its final resting place. This frees up valuable time for end-users who waste less time waiting on the OCR process.

Another advantage of Symphony OCR is regardless of the document source (e-fax, external drives, USB flash drive or scan) saved into the repository, Symphony OCR will make ALL of your documents text-searchable. This is possible since Symphony OCR works silently in the background and constantly monitors for new documents which need to be OCRed.

Why Should We OCR?

OCR stands for “optical character recognition”, meaning that once a document is OCRed, it is fully text-searchable, making it significantly easier and faster to find. This ensures a better search with better results, prevents you from having to recreate the wheel (don’t have to recreate the same things over and over), and improves document retrieval, storage, and sharing efficiency. Even image-based PDFs, normally not text-searchable, are OCRed by Symphony.

Windows Folder Tree Support

In an exciting move, the Symphony OCR solution now works on its own in the Windows Folder Tree (WFT) environment, without the need for other software like document management software (DMS) (i.e., Worldox). Simply install Symphony OCR on your server or PC (wherever the files reside), point Symphony to that folder structure, and let it go. It will automatically analyze and OCR all documents in your repository, plus it will recognize all new documents as they added in the future, ensuring all documents are OCRed, all the time.

With WFT support for Symphony OCR, small firms everywhere can get started today for, comparatively speaking, almost no cost (just $7.50/user/month without the need for DMS), super-easy setup (takes minutes), and even-easier day to day management (once you know the basics, even low-proficiency IT users can handle it). Once installed, the firm has complete peace of mind knowing all files are OCRed, translating into confidence in the firm’s document search, retrieve, production, distribution, and collaboration imperatives.

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