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About the Webinar

Metajure ILLUMINATE can help firms that already have a traditional document management system (DMS) in place and how it can turn the firm’s DMS into the knowledge management system they need.

Four key learning points:

  1. Automatically capture, manage and mine value from 100% of the knowledge in your law firm
  2. Supplement existing DMS systems like Worldox®, iManage®, NetDocuments®, and Microsoft® SharePoint® and turn them into an easy-to-use knowledge management system
  3. Gain easy access to legacy information on file shares and special network drives, such as those dedicated to email
  4. Easily access and integrate case files, including documents from both clients and opposing counsel

Additionally, you will hear how two law firms are now able to search old and new data repositories without disrupting either and how both avoided having to convert legacy data in order to be able to access the knowledge hidden in it.


Presented by Dan Mintz, V.P. of Channel Sales at Metajure ILLUMINATE and Michael O’Neill, Director of Sales & Marketing at Accellis Technology Group, Inc.

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