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Still Using Windows 7 OS? Here Is The Good News & The Bad News

If you have a business that is currently using the Windows 7 OS, there is less than 1-year of support left. What does that mean for you? There is good news and bad news. Just like when you were a kid and always wanted the bad news first from your parents, let’s start there…

Time Is Not On Your Side

  1. With less than 1-year left of support for the Windows 7 OS, businesses are in a rush to upgrade to the new Windows 10. You may think that 1-year is plenty of time, but with Intel’s CPU shortage, this could leave many businesses out in the cold and at risk for cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities. The time is now to start the process!
  2. Windows 7 has been a trusted and reliable operating system for many years. Windows 10 is bringing amazing new features and enhancements, but with any upgrade, businesses need time to work out the kinks, especially with software and hardware issues. Waiting until the last minute to refresh to Windows 10 can leave your business with unnecessary risks. Allow your business as much time as possible to make certain your private information is secure.

Additional Costs

  1. If your business is unable to upgrade to Windows 10 before support ends on January 14th, 2020, Microsoft announced you will be able to receive ESU (Extended Security Updates). Be prepared to pay a high price for this service.
  2. Although ESU (Extended Security Updates) will be an option. If updates are not implemented promptly, cybercriminals will have a leg up on those machines with Windows 7. According to, the average cost of a cyber attack on small business is almost $80k or $79,841 on average.

Ok, now for the good news!

Experts Are Available

  1. Having a trusted and knowledgeable partner can help navigate your business through the storms of vulnerability and risk. A professional and experienced Managed IT and Cybersecurity firm can make your transition to Windows 10 a smooth and painless process. Here at Accellis Technology Group, we have upgraded more than 1,200 machines to Windows 10. We estimate that number to double by January 2020.
  2. A trusted Managed IT Service firm can introduce you to the latest technology which can save your business time and money. Making sure your business is upgraded to Windows 10 is important, but the additional products and services available can help solve the biggest pain points in your business. For example, here at Accellis Technology Group, we are experts in other Managed IT Services such as Azure, IT Systems Management, Managed Spam, and Mobile Device Management.  A regularly maintained network means fewer failures, higher productivity and saves on support costs for your business.

It’s Not Too Late

  1. Although we are quickly approaching the January 2020 deadline for Windows 7 support, it’s not too late to upgrade to Windows 10. Yes, there may be some additional factors like the aforementioned Intel CPU shortage that can put a strain on demand for CPU’s, but industry experts, including Intel CEO, Robert Swan, project that Intel should be back on track by mid-June.

How Your Business Can Save Money

  1. If you’re a small business on Office 365 Business Premium (which means you pay $12.50/user/month) and don’t use a Terminal Server, and your PC is less than three years old, consider upgrading to the new Microsoft 365 Business for $20/user/month. This includes Windows 10 Pro for free for all of your users on Windows 7 Pro or Windows 8 Pro.
  2. This plan also included Mobility & Security and Auto Pilot. Mobility & Security allows you single sign-on, advanced threat protection, 2FA (two-factor authentication), and robust e-discovery tools. Auto Pilot allows you to standardize your new machine rollouts. Simply pick a device. We ship it to you, you plug it in, and sign in with your Microsoft 365 account. That’s it! You now have everything you need – you will not need to schedule time with an engineer.

Are you a business that has yet to make the switch to Windows 10?  Do not panic! Accellis Technology Group has the experience to help you make an easy transition. Accellis is the partner that makes it happen. Take a minute to see our Customer’s Stories.

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