Wouldn’t it be great to know when a contact or matter has been added, changed or deleted or accessed? Or if you were alerted when an account went into collections and no further billing entries should be added? This is possible with the the Time Matters ‘Matter Monitor.

Within any practice management system, there are countless tools to help you better manage both file and client details. Time Matters is no exception and contains valuable features designed to ease your everyday practice of law. One feature that I recently recommended to a client to better manage their case load is called the ‘Matter Monitor’ and it is available under the Templates section of Time Matters.

Setting up a matter or contact monitor will create an alert to pop-up each time staff and attorneys access that record. This could include any number of possible issues on a file, an alert before contacting a client or recent changes on the file. For example, if a client’s balance has gone into collections and no further charges are to be added to their invoice a matter monitor can pop-up preventing additional billing entries. The body of the message can be customized to the situation and firm language. Also, the type of records applied can vary-you may want every matter for a particular client or for an attorney to be flagged.

Firm administrators can utilize this tool for a variety of examples and can also turn on a feature that sends them an automatic message through messenger. If the office manager should be alerted each time a matter is deleted or archived-this setting would automatically send instant messages detailing the file changes. Picture your former paper files with post-its on the outside designed to get your attention before opening a file or redwell – the matter monitor can replicate the case by case reminders.

Turning off the rule based monitor is just as easy. Deleting the Matter Monitor on that case will simply stop the pop-ups or instant messages from appearing. It won’t affect your other monitors assigned in Time Matters. Going back to the example where a client who owed our firm an account balance, if they were to pay off the balance with accounting, a firm administrator could remove the Matter Monitor and the firm could continue to add time to the file. This tool can be used in countless ways to better the communication and organization of your law office.

Matter Monitor - Screenshot

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