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Top 10 Pain Points

We asked our Managed IT Service clients what issues they encountered with their previous IT service providers, and the answers both shocked us and made us proud of our work and dedication to serving our clients. Check out some responses we got to better understand how we work to serve you:

Top 10 Pain Points for Law Firms

    1. Service seemed reactive—they would only fix what has already broken! At Accellis, we work hard to prevent malfunctions but are eager to solve any issues that arise. We also heard many providers had to “fix” the same problem repeatedly. We know this frustration and as a result, ensure that clients receive lasting solutions.
    2. It would take hours, even days before they even acknowledged some of our problems. Our clients do not have the time or resources to spend hours waiting for our response. In fact, it is our goal to maintain an average response time of three minutes and an average solution time of 54 minutes.
    3. Outlook used to take 15 minutes to load every morning—we thought that was normal. We know better than to let our clients believe that their problem has no solution. Our goal is to ensure that your office runs smoothly without blaming issues on “slow Wi-Fi” or “old computers”.
    4. We paid less but only because all of the IT work was put on us. Here at Accellis, we do not want our clients to think they must set up new users and equipment or fix viruses and scan their devices themselves. We want to help keep your firm focused on your work and leave the rest to us.
    5. Our staff had to physically go to the provider to inquire about new technology, industry trends, and best practices. Twice per year, we meet specifically to update the firm’s strategy. Each year, every client gets an updated IT Road Map with complete budget and list of strategic plans.
    6. Our firm had no confidence in the state of data backups or preparedness for disaster recovery. We want your firm to know with absolute certainty that regardless of any disaster we will protect you and your data from malware and corruption and get you back on track with minimal downtime.
    7. Patching was very inconsistent or sometimes non-existent. With Remote Monitoring and Management software, we dedicate time and effort to patching your devices and ensuring you have the most up-to-date software. With Vulnerability Management, we close the loop by patching configuration problems and line of business applications.
    8. Our provider gave us no reports and had complicated messy invoices. We provide clear and comprehensive reports to our clients on a variety of data including firm-wide security scores, recent updates and issues, and vulnerability scan results. We want to establish transparency between our clients to ensure they know how hard we work to serve them.
    9. They did not offer any cybersecurity service. We know how hard cybercriminals work today to infiltrate firm and corporate security, so we provide our clients top-level security from the threats of hackers and viruses.
    10. Our provider would point to other vendors and these vendors would point to our provider. Most firms work with several vendors for IT services and support. We eliminate finger-pointing by taking the responsibility of all IT, not just the services we provide.
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    Braden Martin

    Informative blog, thanks for sharing! We at Blue Fox Group are a managed IT service provider in Scottsdale and have several law firms as clients who suffer from similar issues, but as service providers, it is our duty to have those issues fixed and act on solutions. Cybersecurity is of foremost importance and if your MSP does not provide this service, you need to switch.

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