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Windows Hotkeys

Imagine your life without CTRL+C (copy) and CTRL+V (paste). Impossible right? Hotkeys are shortcuts that are simple tricks that make writing and editing a breeze. Did you know that there are other hotkeys that are just as helpful? In fact, Windows 10 is loaded with hotkeys. Once you start using them, they become life-changing. Give them a try.

Useful Shortcuts

Here are a few of our favorite shortcuts.

  • Windows Key – D: This will minimize everting and show you the desktop. Pressing it again will restore all of your windows.
    • “Great for when you there are too many windows and emails on your desktop.”
  • Windows Key – Arrows: This is a quick we way to move Windows around the screen and allow you to split them.
    • “Great for putting documents side by side.”
  • When typing
    • Try using the home and end buttons. This will jump the cursor to the beginning or end of the line.
    • Using “SHIFT+HOME,” or “END” will highlight that line.
    • Using “Control+Arrows” will let you move the curse one word at a time. Pressing “CTRL+A” will highlight everything.
  • Using the Windows Key alone will bring up the start menu. Then, without leaving the keyboard, you can type a word and open that program. Try it now, press the “Windows key,” then type “Outlook.”

Learning these shortcuts and using them makes computers easier to use AND it makes you look like an IT Wizard. It takes about a week of practice to get hooked.

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