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Using Worldox Web Mobile with Worldox GX3

Worldox Web mobile is an add-on that functions somewhere between the full Worldox on premise client and the fully mobile Worldox Cloud. Web Mobile can be added to your existing Worldox desktop installation with some additional customization and setup. Additionally, it can be configured for just those people that require or want more mobility, which can help keep costs down.

Since Worldox Web Mobile is not the full Worldox program, but rather a browser variant, some of the features and functions may be different. Most of the differences are just small limitations to advanced features, and a few require a slightly different operation to accomplish the same task. If a user does not know these things in advance then they can be problematic. However, just like anything else, users will quickly realize these differences are non-issues with proper training and knowledge.

Just like checking your email, you would browse and then login to the website. Once logged in you would see many familiar icons and buttons. Once logged in, you can use the core features of the program to find your documents. Below I have included many of the features on a table and their various differences.  As you read, remember that this Web Mobile is designed to be used as an extension of the Worldox Desktop client.

Worldox Web Mobile Features


Worldox GX3

Worldox Web Mobile


Direct AccessYesLimitedQuick Profiles are not available.
ViewerYesLimitedNo text search, no ability scroll through the list.
FavoritesYesLimitedUnable to select pdf, word, excel. ETC it just lists all. Unable to select your personal created favorites list unless it’s bookmarked.
Check in/outYesYesThis will make you download the file, save it and upload it when finished.
Edit ProfileYesNOExcept through checking out, downloading, and checking back in.
Navigation paneYesNone
List Tabs (Filter, tags etc)YesLimitedNo tags, no ability to edit with the profile tab, no projects, no relations. You can still apply comments from these tabs.
Access EmailYesNoThe email tabs or Outlook mirror will not exist in Web Mobile.
Send emailYesLimitedYou can send email using the list tabs at the bottom, but you must know the users email since its not link to you Outlook. Also it will not have you standard signature.
SavingYesSee Check in/out
VersionsYesYou must use the button at the to display the version list otherwise you will just open the latest version
Column HeadersYesLimitedWhile you can still sort on them, they are not customizable and they are standard headings. They will not contain profile specific information
CategoriesYesNoneYou can sort, create, add or remove categories in any respect.
NotifyYesNoNot available in Web Mobile.
WorkflowYesNoNot available in Web Mobile.
AuditYesNoNot available in Web Mobile.
TaskYesNoNot available in Web Mobile.
BookmarksYesLimitedYou can only access your existing bookmarks. You cannot edit, delete or create new ones.
Private files*YesYou cannot access your private files.NOTE: This only applies if Worldox is configuring to save private files to each users local drive. Otherwise you can access them normally.
Security GroupsYesYesAll ethical wall, permission and security settings will be transferred to Web Mobile.
ProjectsYesLimitedYou cannot create them, but by opening them you can view and open the files listed.

Worldox Web Mobile User Interface

Worldox Web Mobile Sign in Window
Worldox Web Mobile Sign in Window
Worldox Web Mobile Interface
Worldox Web Mobile Interface
Worldox Web Mobile Search Window
Worldox Web Mobile Search Window
Worldox Web Mobile Direct Access
Worldox Web Mobile Direct Access
Worldox Web Mobile Favorites List
Worldox Web Mobile Favorites List

Worldox web mobile is an excellent tool that can be used to empower a few or a whole firm with internet mobility. This has the potential to greatly enhance your firm’s profitability and efficiency.  Just remember to educate your staff on the differences, and remember that this is not a replacement for a full DMS.

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