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Verizon Customer Information Exposed

If you have contacted Verizon for customer service in the past 6 months, you could be in danger.

Nice Systems, one of Verizon’s partners, has posted nearly 14 million customer records on an unguarded server. Reports say this server isn’t too hard to find either.

Why should you be worried?

If you fall into the category described above, your phone number, account PIN, and some personal information are available to cyber criminals. Cyber criminals can use your name and phone number to gain access to any personal accounts that use your phone number as authentication. Furthermore, they can enter your Verizon account and change account settings or even impersonate you and call Verizon directly.

It is not clear if anyone downloaded the data while it was public. Verizon and Nice Systems are currently working to investigate more information on the data spill.

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