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Accellis Vulnerability Management

Today’s technology landscape offers attackers and employees many more options for exploiting vulnerabilities and stealing your information.

Many attacks happen from exploiting weaknesses in browsers, web applications, malicious websites, and other applications. Vulnerability Scanning is the most a cost-effective and effective way to keep unpatched exploits, new threats, and hackers out of your systems.

Cybercriminals are getting smarter. So are we.

Accellis’ Vulnerability Management puts you ahead of the game. By patrolling the outer and inner parameters of your network, all known security vulnerabilities can be identified, prioritized, and remediated – strengthening your firm’s preparedness against security breaches.

Vulnerability Management

Regular Internal & External Scans

Accellis uses state-of-the-art scanning systems to ensure the doors and windows are locked, preventing outside intruders from getting in. Then we look deep inside your network to identify security gaps and loopholes.

Reporting & Analysis

Accellis provides clear visibility into the physical and virtual risks inherent in your environment. We’ll prioritize any known security vulnerabilities and provide direction on defensive measures. We’ll also provide monthly and quarterly trend reporting for full transparency. See sample trend report.

Remediation & Patch Management

Once there is a full picture of the vulnerabilities that exist, we use this information to provide direction on how to remediate any issues. Remediation and patch management can be handled by Accellis or your IT provider.

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