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Intel CPU Shortage How This Affects Your Business


What Intel’s CPU Shortage Means For Businesses

With a surge in Windows 10 refreshes and demand from cloud infrastructure builders, Intel is dealing with a CPU shortage. What does Intel’s CPU shortage mean for business?

Possible Delay In Windows 10 Updates

The largest manufacturer of computers in the world is experiencing production constraints. Intel is behind with its 10nm ramp and 14nm server chips, which is in high-demand for cloud storage giants. With production issues, the number of machines available for the Windows 10 update could be limited. On January 14, 2020, Windows 7 will no longer be supported. Businesses may find themselves at risk to cyber attacks and security breaches if they prolong the Windows 10 update.

Intel’s CEO, Robert Swan has recently stated that he believes the tech giant’s CPU shortage could ease in Q1 of 2019. The company announced that it will spend an additional $1B to increase 14nm production. If these projections hold true, this can be good news for businesses who have not yet made the switch to Windows 10.

Director of Operations & Technology at Accellis Technology Group, Brian Guscott tells businesses not to panic, but time is of the essence.

I have relayed to our clinets that the Intel CPU shortage should not cause panic, but in order to have peace of mind with your businesses private information, the time to upgrade is now.

If you are a business or firm that has yet to make the switch to Windows 10, we are here to help. Accellis Technology Group has the experience to help you make an easy transition. Accellis is the partner that makes it happen. Take a minute to see our Customer’s Stories.

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