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What is a Certified Ethical Hacker?

In today’s world, data breaches and bad actors are running rampant. It seems that no one is safe from them. Every business is at risk, small companies to enterprises, no matter the size. This trend has started to increase the need for constant security testing of networks and systems. Trying to identify and correct all possible vulnerabilities before a cybercriminal uses them maliciously can be challenging.

Security training is not common with most System or Network Administrators. IT Security is like a hallway with millions of doors; Administrators must always be right and secure all the possible doors while the attacker only needs to be right once to take anything they want. (Or install ransomware to get their payday.) While most Administrators do an excellent job of securing their systems, it is not their primary focus. Keeping the network and systems running and accessible is their primary mission and the reason a company would hire them. In comes the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH).

I think, therefore I am

The saying “To beat a hacker you need to think like a hacker” is all the truer. CEHs are not the malicious ones we hear about all the time in the news. Malicious hackers perform illegal acts to make their money. Ethical hackers are the opposite. We are the embodiment of the “to beat a hacker you have to think like a hacker.”

We can find the small holes that can be overlooked and showcase the degree of damage that can occur by simulating an attack on a network. Not only do we see the holes, but we also can show the proper way to fix these vulnerabilities. Just as Network and System Admins focus primarily on networks and servers, a CEH focuses on the security of those systems though offensive tactics that a malicious attacker would incorporate.

If you didn’t document it, you didn’t do it

Documentation is a critical part of a CEHs job. CEH record each test. This way clients are aware of all the steps taken. This information often includes what testing the CEH does in specific parts of the network and the subsequent results. Most importantly, clients are also given advised remediation tactics for vulnerabilities. This ensures that your firm is not only aware of problems, but know what steps to take in the future to fix them.

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