Microsoft Azure

If you want to learn one big idea in IT for 2018, this is that idea. And it’s BIG. Simply put, Microsoft Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing platform which includes an ever-expanding set of cloud services that give you the freedom to build, manage, and deploy workloads on a massive, global network.

It is an absolute game-changer and is the future of every business in the world, large and small. In five years or less, all things being equal, you will not own your servers. You will subscribe to compute, network, and storage services on-demand.

Microsoft Azure is an entire ecosystem delivered around a simple idea: instead of spending a lot of money upfront buying servers, switches, firewalls, storage, backup, and DR, etc., you only subscribe to what you need for a monthly fee. When done right, most firms will save loads of money by adopting Azure versus replacing their on-premise infrastructure with more on-premise infrastructure. But how?

On-Demand: You only pay for what you use. You probably don’t often work from 12am-6am, you are wasting money. In its essence, Azure allows you to turn servers off when you don’t use them.

Security: Armed guards, secure data centers, geo-redundancy, encryption, you name it. They exceed any of the standards you need to comply with: ISO, HIPAA, PCI, IRS 1075, etc.

Uptime:  Setup redundancy and replication between fault domains, update domains, zones, regions, even continents.

Scalability: our Azure site knows and scales with exact needs: scale up (go from 10 cores to 50 cores), scale down (go from 50 cores to 5 cores), scale out (duplicate servers), and scale in (dedupe servers) – automatically.

Projects: Once you build your Azure environment, you can scale your infrastructure up or down without paying for projects to rebuild your infrastructure.

What to know more about Azure? Learn more by contacting Microsoft today. Or if you ask us, we might be able to point you to a guy we know.

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