A lot of law firms outsource their Microsoft Exchange Server to a third-party provider instead of purchasing a server and hosting Microsoft Exchange internally. The advantages are that the third-party absorbs the cost of hardware, software, management, and leaves the law firm with just a monthly investment of $10-$25 per month per user, depending on who the provider is and how much storage / add-ons you elect to have. For some firms, however, this isn’t the most cost-effective route.

In this whitepaper, we’ll discuss the in’s and out’s of Microsoft Exchange and whether your firm should consider hosting Exchange internally.

After reading this guide, you’ll learn:

  • What is Microsoft Exchange Server?
  • Why outsource the hosting of company email anyway?
  • What does it cost for outsourced Exchange hosting?
  • What prerequisites are there prior to purchasing Exchange?
  • What does it cost to bring Exchange in-house?
  • What’s riskier – outsourced or internal Exchange hosting?
  • Can small firms host Exchange internally without a server?
  • What’s the best option for large firms?
ebook-When is Hosted Exchange Right for Your Fir

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