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Document management software has quickly become a necessary component of law firms regardless of size or practice area. That is due in part because the document structure of law firms has evolved to include day to day email correspondence. Medical malpractice or personal injury firms are two practice areas where we see a demanding volume of documents to keep straight. Considering medical records, insurance paperwork, hospital invoices are all collected in addition to the documents crafted by attorneys-it’s easy to see how difficult it is to attain organization.

When medical malpractice firms work with Worldox, both simplicity and easy access to documents shape the firm’s workflow. Each time a firm member opens, scans or saves a document, a profile card is completed. These profile cards describe the same details as when we used to save in Windows Explorer; client, matter, document type and title. By providing this information firm members are able to easily search or access documents profiled by their colleagues.

Worldox is designed to work with firms of all types and sizes, but below are a few ways it can transform the way a medical malpractice or personal injury firm operates.

1. Security

Document-level security is essential for law firms working with personal details such as hospital records. Compliancy rules such as HIPPA standards dictate this is no longer optional when scanning or storing personal medical details. Worldox allows for security groups making implementation of the software a breeze. As you start a new document it is equally as easy to prevent other co-workers from viewing or editing the document. For example, if you hired a temporary employee or know of a conflict on a case it is simply to restrict and ensure privacy within your firm walls. We can also restrict users from deletion rights or mark a document as read only to prevent missing documents.

2. Text Searching

Think back to the last time you used the Windows search bar to find a document…you likely had to get up and got a cup of coffee before it finished, right? The instant search capability in Worldox is one of my favorite advantages over the standard server management. You can quickly look up documents by a number of variables – by title, author’s name, and comments on the document or even within the document text.

For example, if I search for the term ‘anesthesia’ or ‘mesothelioma’ Worldox can search the entire firm’s document repository including in the text of documents and emails. If you are looking up a past case this is a huge time-saver as Worldox will produce a list of any document records containing the term. Attorneys often use this for finding expert witnesses they used in the past, complex medication names or injury searches through their entire firm’s document repository.

3. Strong Email Platform

Email retention has become a higher priority concern for medical malpractice firms as retention rules evolve state by state. Sharing email across the firm reduces the need to copy co-workers on emails, print copies or search within Outlook. Within Worldox, you can also see your Outlook account making sure case related emails always make it into Worldox. Investing in document management software provides piece of mind and a central repository for email messages.

Email integration in Worldox delivers powerful email management to firms with the same search functions. You can copy, move or drag to case folders right in Outlook allowing for both incoming and sent items to be immediately profiled. Once sent to Worldox, firm members have easy access to colleagues’ email messages including attachments. Cleaning up your inbox has never been easier as batch profiling emails is a huge time-saver.

4. Flexibility

The flexibility of Worldox is apparent in a two main areas – scalability and customization. Scalability in terms of software use means regardless of the firm’s size or as it grows the software will continue to accommodate. Worldox does just that-should your office grow in leaps and bounds after the purchase of Worldox it will continue to provide a simple solution. Worldox works well with remote offices and we have seen 100+ firm members adapt to the program as quick as the 1-5 user firms.

Customization in Worldox allows firms to dictate the programs choices and continue with existing document naming terminology. If your firm is constantly working with legal transcripts or medical records, these would both make for ideal document type options. Bookmarks and favorites also allow for personalized customization. For example, we recommend a forms folder that we can add that to everyone’s toolbar. Or if I am constantly working with just a few long term cases I’ll add them as bookmarks allowing me to skip the search command for easy access.

The largest benefit for medical malpractice firms is the flexibility of document types that Worldox supports – images or scans, videos, audio files, etc. Unlike some document management systems Worldox will store the document types you work with most including tiffs, .pdfs, Word Perfect or Word, internet research pages and much more.

5. Document Control

Complete document control is what is missing at any firm without a document management system. Tools include full versioning capabilities, check in/out functions and file activity auditing. I no longer wonder if my colleague John made an edit to our pleading as I can check the audit log, review the past version or run a comparison tool. Unlike Windows saving there is no guessing who worked on something last, where they would have saved them or how many versions we have created.

Taking control of your firm’s documents is easy with a document management solution like Worldox. World Software (the makers of Worldox) provide on premise, cloud-based and mobile options. If your medical malpractice or personal injury office would like to improve the secure management of emails, searching for documents or collaborating on new information, Worldox may be right for you. To learn more, visit their website or watch an on-demand demonstration here

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